The Israeli Association of Oral Implantology was founded as a non-profit organization in 2001.

The association is the Israeli branch of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, the leading professional organization in the field. The international organization has thousands of leading dentists and dental surgeons among its members, and is well-known for its extensive activities, including running international conferences, training dentists to work with dental implants, publishing a professional journal, and awarding professional certification for those who have passed the organization’s stringent criteria.

Founding Members: Dr. Zeev Ormianer, Dr. Aadel Biyadsa, Dr. Eitan Bar, Dr. Jerry Cohen, Dr. Eitan Miziritsky, Dr. Ablghani Azaldin, Dr. Reuven Shapiro 

The association’s board of directors is voted in by democratic elections of the entire association membership.

The association organizes professional training evenings for its members every two months, inviting top lecturers from Israel and around the world. In addition, the association also runs a traditional biennial conference in Eilat, well-known for the top-quality international speakers who attend.

The association’s evenings are a platform for its members to present their work, and to improve and renew their professional knowledge. The association is the only professional organization in the field of oral implantology, accepting anyone looking to improve their knowledge, and seeking to look out for the interests of its members.

In recent years, dental implants have become an integral part of the work of any dentist, in private practices and in public workplaces. Active membership in the association allows us, dental surgeons working in the field of oral implantology, to continue to improve, update, and lead the most important breakthrough we’ve experienced in the field in recent years.